Apache Kafka Installation

In this post we will go through the details of Apache Kafka installation on windows machine

Download Apache Kafka from the url https://kafka.apache.org/downloads

To start Apache Kafka with ZooKeeper follow the below steps

  • Once the binary is downloaded extract the kafka files
  • We will have to perform some configurations before starting the Kafka
  • Navigate to config folder inside kafka
  • Open zookeeper.properties and update the dataDir path to where the snapshot has to be stored
  • Open server.properties and update the logs.dir path to where the logs has to be stored
  • This completes the configuration
  • The windows scripts(batch files) are present inside bin/windows
  • Run the following commands in order to start all services in the correct order:
D:\kafka_2.13-3.4.0\bin\windows>zookeeper-server-start.bat ../../config/zookeeper.properties
  • open another cmd and run:
D:\kafka_2.13-3.4.0\bin\windows>kafka-server-start.bat ../../config/server.properties
  • Once all services have successfully launched, we will have a basic Kafka environment running and ready to use.
  • Next we will create topic to store the events
D:\kafka_2.13-3.4.0\bin\windows>kafka-topics.bat --describe --topic <topic_name> --bootstrap-server localhost:9092

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